Regulations FAQs

Regulations Frequently Asked Questions

Compliant devices

Question: Does Vape Traders have a product to buy that is compliant?

Click here to view all compliant vaping devices and prefilled pods to date.

Child-safety requirements

Question: Does a device have to be pressed 5 times to switch it from on to off? If it is 3 times, is this not compliant?

If the device can be activated for example by holding down a button and sucking the device or pushing and twisting the battery at the same time (2 simultaneous operations) and satisfies the other changes, it will be compliant. Another option is if the device can be activated by 5 sequential operations, such as having to put the battery on, then off, then on, then off, and then on to activate it. Our new puk. range along with a range of Uwell, Geekvape and Voopoo devices are deemed compliant.


Question: Blackcurrant is a popular flavour but it is not on the new flavour list. Do you know if it will be?

We have provided a list of old flavour names and new flavour names for the juices we can. Click here to view it.

Non-compliant products after 21 March 2024

Question: What will happen to my non-compliant stock after 21 March 2024?

You will no longer be allowed to legally sell your non-compliant stock in New Zealand. After 21 March 2024, you will need to dispose of your stock legally.


Question: Will we be able to offer our customers a warranty on products purchased in January or February?

Our warranty policy states that 6 months from the customer's (end-user) date of purchase, we will provide online store credit via Vape Traders website to the value of the faulty product purchased.

We understand that these regulatory changes might raise additional questions or concerns. Our team is readily available to address any further queries you may have. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure a smooth transition and compliance with the updated regulations.