Introducing Our Enhanced B2B Login System

Vape Traders New Zealand is transitioning to an enhanced B2B and account login system. This advancement not only bolsters our security measures but also introduces refined B2B pricing strategies and additional price breaks. We are thrilled about this progressive step forward!

Step-by-Step Guide to Our New Login Process:

1. Initiating the Login: Begin by inputting your email address into the designated email field, then click the "Continue" button.

2. Verification Code: Shortly, you'll receive an email containing a unique 6-digit verification code. Kindly copy this code for the next step.

3. Code Submission: Return to the login page and paste the copied code into the provided box. Click on "Submit" to proceed.

4. Dashboard Access: Upon successful login, a summary of orders placed using this new system will appear. To commence your shopping experience at Vape Traders with the revamped pricing, click on the blue "Go to Store" button.

Additional Information:

  • Multiple Store Locations: We're currently integrating distinct store locations within our system for all valued customers. If your account is associated with several stores, a prompt will appear allowing you to select the desired location for your purchases. Generally speaking, identical pricing and quantity discounts apply across all your locations.

  • Your Order History: We prioritise the integrity of your data. Be assured that your previous order history remains untouched. It can be conveniently accessed via the "Classic" customer account page once you've logged in, or by clicking here.