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Mila's Macarons - Pisatchio

Mila's Macarons

Mila's Macarons - Pisatchio

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MSRP $33.95

Mila's Macarons Pistachio e-Liquid is the ultimate treat for anyone who adores this savoury, buttery nut. A pistachio-infused macaron filled with luscious pistachio cream to satisfy your nut cravings like crazy. This macaron flavour has the perfect amount of sweetness to balance out the savoury notes of the pistachio flavour.

As you inhale, the buttery pistachio taste is apparent right away. As you begin to drool with excitement, the gentle sweetness of this crisp cookie makes its presence known. The hint of almond flavour adds complexity. Each exhales slathers your palate in pistachio cream that's truly sublime.

Primary Flavours: Pistachio Cream, Macarons.

70%VG / 30%PG

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