Easy Mix Nicotine

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Designed for use with Australian "Doublers" or Short-Fills, this super-high-grade unflavoured nicotine is perfect for all off your mixing needs.

For Doublers:

Simply order this Easy Mix Nicotine in double the strength you want to vape, then add it to your doubler in a 1:1 ratio (15ml doubler + 15ml easy mix nicotine) to create a juice half the strength of the Easy Mix Nicotine you purchased.


  • Want to vape 6mg? Buy 12mg Easy Mix Nicotine.
  • Want to vape 12mg? Buy 24mg Easy Mix Nicotine.
  • So on, and so forth.



For Short-Fills:

Top up your short-filled bottles with:

  • 36mg/ml Easy Mix to create 6mg/ml eliquid
  • 18mg/ml Easy Mix to create 3mg/ml e-liquid

No syringes, no measuring, no calculating, no worries.

    • How much juice will each size make?
      • 250ml Bottle
      • Tops up 16x 15ml doublers to create 480ml of juice.
      • 500ml Bottle
      • Tops up 33x 15ml doublers to create 1000ml of juice.

    • Vaping Flavourless- Please note that this product is 100% vape-able without diluting or adding flavour, if that is your preference. When vaping flavourless nicotine, ignore the "halving of nicotine" calculations- if you want to vape 6mg, just order the 6mg Easy Mix and fill your tank.

Not sure what nicotine strength to select? Click here to check out our handy guide to choosing the right nicotine strength.



    • PG/VG Blends

    Our custom nicotine blend is mixed at 80% Glycerine / 20% Propylene Glycol - designed for excellent flavour, vapour production, and for use in all atomiser devices. We may bring out different blends in the future, and will update this page. We cannot do custom blends at this time. As with all our products, this nicotine is blended in our state of the art pharmaceutical-grade clean room.

    Mixed with a 50:50 doubler, this product will create a 65% VG end product.

    • Storage

    Best stored in the freezer, out of direct sunlight, to maximise shelf life. Nicotine starts clear, but yellows with age and exposure to heat/sunlight.

    • Packaging

    Both sizes are packaged in a durable white PVC bottle with poisons-grade pharmaceutical child-proof twist cap. Also included is a easy-pour nozzle for use in squeezing into your doubler bottle.

    * Due to bottles shortages, nicotine may be packaged in a frosted white bottle.

    • Warning

    Nicotine is a poisonous substance that can, if mishandled, cause serious illness or even death. Nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin, so wear disposable gloves during handling and immediately clean any spills or drips. Keep out of reach of children and pets.